Business / Construction / Overhang: Outward projecting eave-soffit area of a roof: the part of the roof that hangs out or over the outside wall. See also Cornice.
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Overhang Verb Synonyms: jut (out), beetle, bulge (out), project (out), protrude, stick out, loom (out), extend (out), hang (out) over
Overhang Adjective Synonyms: impend, threaten, menace, imperil, loom

Market Overhang

Business / Finance / Market Overhang: The theory that, in certain situations, institutions wish to sell their shares but postpone the sale because large orders under current market conditions would drive down the share price and that the MORE


Business / Construction / Cornice: Overhang of a pitched roof , usually consisting of a fascia board, a soffit and appropriate trim moldings. MORE