Nonbearing Wall

Business / Construction / Nonbearing Wall: A wall supporting no load other than its own weight.
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Other Words for Wall

Wall Verb Synonyms: screen, partition, divider, enclosure, separator, bulkhead, barrier, obstruction, obstacle, impediment, block, fence


Entertainment / Bowling / Wall: (1) the sideboards/kickback (2) the crown of oil (3) a very easy shot MORE

Wall Cloud

Science / Weather / Wall Cloud: An abrupt lowering of a cloud from its parent cloud base, a cumulonimbus or supercell, with no visible precipitation underneath. Forming in the area of a thunderstorm updraft, or inflow area, it exhib MORE

Wall Out

Business / Construction / Wall Out: When a painter pray paints the interior of a home. MORE

Third Wall

Entertainment / Literature / Third Wall: Usually referred to as the 'fourth wall,' depending upon how a stagebuilder numbers the sides of the stage, the third or fourth wall is an imaginary barrier that separates the events on stage from the MORE

Sidewalls The Kickbacks

Entertainment / Bowling / Sidewalls The Kickbacks: Vertical division boards between the sides of the lanes at the pit end. On many hits the pins can bounce off the kickbacks and knock down more pins. Variations: Loose kickback means that there is not MORE

Retaining Wall

Business / Construction / Retaining Wall: A structure that holds back a slope and prevents erosion. MORE