Manufactured Wood

Business / Construction / Manufactured Wood: A wood product such as a truss, beam, gluelam, microlam or joist which is manufactured out of smaller wood pieces and glued or mechanically fastened to form a larger piece. Often used to create a stronger member which may use less wood. See also Oriented Strand Board.
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Utility Wood

Entertainment / Golf / Utility Wood: (also 'hybrid wood') fairway wood of varied lofts, head shape or sole shape which may also have playing characteristics associated with irons MORE


Science / Biology / Wood: The inner layer of the stems of woody plants; composed of xylem. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Softwood: Evergreen trees (spruce, fir and pine). The term does not refer to the hardness of the wood. MORE


Science / Biology / Sapwood: Layers of secondary xylem that are still functional in older woody plants; visible as the outer lighter areas in the cross section of a tree trunk. MORE

Pressure-Treated Wood

Business / Construction / Pressure-Treated Wood: Lumber that has been saturated with a preservative. MORE

Wood Filler

Life Style / Painting / Wood Filler: There are two kinds of fillers-paste and liquid. Paste fillers are something like a very thick paint and are composed of some solid powdered substance, usually silica or powdered quartz, mixed with li MORE