Business / Construction / Light: Space in a window sash for a single pane of glass. Also, a pane of glass.
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Light Verb Synonyms: turn on, switch on, put on
Light Adjective Synonyms: ignite, set alight, set or put a match to, kindle, burn, touch off, set fire to, fire
Light Noun Synonyms: illumination, brightness, daylight, lamplight, candlelight, firelight, gaslight, torchlight, starlight, moonlight, sunlight, gegenschein, counterglow

Heat Lightning

Science / Weather / Heat Lightning: Lightning that appears as a glowing flash on the horizon. It is actually lightning occurring in distant thunderstorms, just over the horizon and too far away for thunder to be heard. MORE

Side Lighting

Entertainment / Photography / Side Lighting: Light striking the subject from the side relative to the position of the camera. It produces shadows and highlights to create modeling on the subject. MORE

Coherent Light

Entertainment / Photography / Coherent Light: Light waves that vibrate with constant phase relationships. They can be produced by a laser or a combination of two prisms. MORE

Transmitted Light

Entertainment / Photography / Transmitted Light: Light which is passed through a transparent or translucent medium. The amount of light transmitted depends on the density of the medium through which it is passed and on the brightness of incident lig MORE

Tungsten Light

Entertainment / Photography / Tungsten Light: Light from standard room lamps and ceiling fixtures, not fluorescent. MORE

Daylight Tank

Entertainment / Photography / Daylight Tank: Light tight container for film processing. MORE