King Stud

Business / Construction / King Stud: The vertical '2 X's' frame lumber (left and right) of a window or door opening, and runs continuously from the bottom sole plate to the top plate.
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Other Words for King

King Adjective Synonyms: prince, crowned head, majesty, sovereign, monarch, ruler, regent, royal

Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)

Business / Agriculture / Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA): P.L. 93-523 (December 16, 1974) as amended, is the key federal law for protecting public water systems from harmful contaminants. First enacted in 1974, the Act, as amended, is administered by the Env MORE

Safe Drinking Water Act

Business / Real Estate / Safe Drinking Water Act: Enacted by Congress in 1974, this federal law administered by the EPA and equivalent state regulators to establish and enforce drinking water standards. MORE

Same Direction Tracking

Technology / Radar / Same Direction Tracking: Tracking vehicles from behind or in front of the patrol vehicle going the same direction while the patrol vehicle is moving. All decatur police moving radars and decatur polie radar guns offer same di MORE

Selectable Direction Tracking

Technology / Radar / Selectable Direction Tracking: This mode of radar operation allows the operator to monitor targets that are only going toward the patrol vehicle, away from it, or in both directions. Example: decatur gvp-d police radar gun w/ k-ban MORE

Semantic Marking

Entertainment / Literature / Semantic Marking: When the meaning of a word is limited semantically, that word is said to possess a semantic marking. See marked word and unmarked word. MORE

Self Drinking

Life Style / Tea / Self Drinking: rounded, well bodied tea that can be served unblended MORE