Business / Construction / Keeper: The metal latch plate in a door frame into which a doorknob plunger latches.
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Keeper Noun Synonyms: custodian, guardian, guard, warden, caretaker, warder, nurse, attendant, minder

Keeper League

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Keeper League: These leagues allow you to keep a certain number of players each season. The number of keepers varies from league-to-league. Some leagues, called 'Dynasty Leagues,' allow you to keep your entire roste MORE

Penalty Timekeeper

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Penalty Timekeeper: An official who sits between the two penalty boxes and is responsible for recording and timing every penalty. MORE

Game Timekeeper

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Game Timekeeper: An official who is responsible for everything involved in timing the game: operating the scoreboard clock, sounding the buzzer that indicates the end of a period, and announcing, after 19 minutes have MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Greenkeeper: Older term for an individual involved in maintaining and caring for a golf course and grounds MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goalkeeper: The heavily padded player who guards the goal; prevents opponents from scoring by stopping the puck any way he can. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Gatekeeper: A primary care physician who provides a broad range of routine medical services and refers patients to specialists, hospitals and other providers as necessary. This traditional primary care physician MORE