Business / Construction / Jamb: The side and head lining of a doorway, window, or other opening. Includes studs as well as the frame and trim.
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Rond De Jambe A Terre

Entertainment / Ballet / Rond De Jambe A Terre: straightened leg with pointed toe remaining on the ground to sweep around. MORE

Rond De Jambe Attitude

Entertainment / Ballet / Rond De Jambe Attitude: the leg is swung around from the front around to the side into attitude position behind as the supporting foot goes en pointe. (see also Attitude) MORE

Rond De Jambe En Lair

Entertainment / Ballet / Rond De Jambe En Lair: in the air. The leg is lifted to the side, movement is only below the knee. If the thigh is horizontal, the toe draws an oval approximately between the knee of the support leg and the second position MORE

Rond De Jambe

Entertainment / Ballet / Rond De Jambe: Literally 'circle of the leg'. Actually, half-circles made by the pointed foot, returning through first position to repeat: creating the letter 'D' on the floor. From front to back rond de jambe en de MORE

Grand Rond De Jambe

Entertainment / Ballet / Grand Rond De Jambe: the leg is straightened and sustained at grand battement height, with the foot making the circle high. Requires advanced 'extension' flexibility and strength. If not reversed, foot returns past the kn MORE

Doorjamb, Interior

Business / Construction / Doorjamb, Interior: The surrounding case into which and out of which a door closes and opens. It consists of two upright pieces, called side jambs, and a horizontal head jamb. These 3 jambs have the 'door stop' installed MORE