Jack Rafter

Business / Construction / Jack Rafter: A rafter that spans the distance from the wall plate to a hip, or from a valley to a ridge.
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Plumbing Jacks

Business / Construction / Plumbing Jacks: Sleeves that fit around drain and waste vent pipes at, and are nailed to, the roof sheeting. MORE


Business / Construction / Rafter: Lumber used to support the roof sheeting and roof loads. Generally, 2 X 10's and 2 X 12's are used. The rafters of a flat roof are sometimes called roof joists. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Pagejacking: Theft of a page from the original site and publication of a copy (or near-copy) at another site. MORE

Mesh Jacket

Technology / Motorcycle / Mesh Jacket: An open-weave, protective apparel for motorcycle riders that allows air to circulate through the garment offering ventilation and cooler riding for hot, summer temperatures. Most notably used in moto MORE

Leveling Jack

Business / Machine Shop / Leveling Jack: Small jacks (usually screw jacks) for leveling and holding work on planner beds and similar places. MORE

Rafter, Hip

Business / Construction / Rafter, Hip: A rafter that forms the intersection of an external roof angle. MORE