Inside Corner

Business / Construction / Inside Corner: The point at which two walls form an internal angle, as in the corner of a room.
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Other Words for Inside

Inside Noun Synonyms: favoured, advantageous, favorable, advantaged, privileged, preferred, preferential, propitious, exclusive, internal, private, secret, confidential, privy, clandestine
Inside Adjective Synonyms: fundamentally, basically, at bottom, by nature
Inside Adverb Synonyms: within, inside of
Inside Verb Synonyms: interior, centre, core, middle, heart, contents, lining, backing


Entertainment / Tennis / Inside-In: Running around one side and hitting it down the line; less popular than the inside-out MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Inside-Out: A swing path that travels from inside (closer to the body than) the target line to outside (farther away from the body than) the target line MORE

Inside The Leather

Entertainment / Golf / Inside The Leather: Closer to the hole than the length of the putter (from the head to where the grip begins), archaic: putters used to be of uniform length and the shortest club in the bag, and grips used to be made of MORE

Inside Shot

Entertainment / Basketball / Inside Shot: Shot taken from near or under the basket. MORE

Inside Out Armswing

Entertainment / Bowling / Inside Out Armswing: The inside-out swing has a setup somewhat toward center of the body, but not always. More importantly, the pushaway, or whatever someone calls it, moves toward the center of the body. For a right-hand MORE

Inside Passage

Life Style / Travel / Inside Passage: The sheltered channels of british columbia and southeastern alaska protected from the pacific ocean by forested islands. MORE