Incandescent Lamp

Business / Construction / Incandescent Lamp: A lamp employing an electrically charged metal filament that glows at white heat. A typical light bulb.
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Incandescent Adjective Synonyms: glowing, red-hot, white-hot, alight, aflame, flaming, burning, fiery, candent, flaring


Entertainment / Photography / Photolamp: Tungsten filament photographic lamp with a large diffused bulb, giving light of 3200 k (kelvin). MORE

Over-Run Lamp

Entertainment / Photography / Over-Run Lamp: Is a tungsten light source specifically used at a higher voltage than normal to increase light output and achieve constant color temperature. MORE

Opal Lamp

Entertainment / Photography / Opal Lamp: Is a filament lamp with an opal glass bulb for optimum diffusion. MORE

Point Source Lamp

Entertainment / Photography / Point Source Lamp: Arc type lamp producing light from a small gap between two carbon rods. MORE

Quartz-Iodine Lamp

Entertainment / Photography / Quartz-Iodine Lamp: Compact tungsten filament lamp designed to maintain its color temperature and light intensity throughout its working life. MORE

Zirconium Lamp

Entertainment / Photography / Zirconium Lamp: Is an arc lamp used in powerful enlarges and projectors. MORE