Business / Construction / Hardware: All of the 'metal' fittings that go into the home when it is near completion. For example, door knobs, towel bars, handrail brackets, closet rods, house numbers, door closers, etc. The Interior Trim Carpenter installs the 'hardware'.
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Hardware Adverb Synonyms: tools, metal goods, ironmongery
Hardware Noun Synonyms: (computer) equipment, components, devices, machinery, arms, munitions, armament(s), mat�riel

Hardware Manufacturer

Entertainment / Video Games / Hardware Manufacturer: Company that manufactures game systems (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft). MORE


Technology / Television (TV) / Genlock: A feature that keeps two or more video streams in synchronization, often combined with a graphic overlay capability. Hardware periphral that allows the user to combine computer graphics on top of an e MORE

Personal People Meter (PPM)

Technology / Television (TV) / Personal People Meter (PPM): Hardware currently being tested by Arbitron. The PPM is a pager-sized device that is worn by consumers throughout the day to automatically detect inaudible codes that radio and television broadcasters MORE


Technology / Computers / WiFi: Wireless Fidelity - Otherwise known as Wireless Networking, commonly using the 802.11b protocol. Hardware that displays the WiFi logo claims 802.11b compliance should interconnect seamlessly. MORE


Technology / Computers / Emulation: This term refers to a program or device that has the ability to imitate another. A common example would be that many printer manufactures software emulate the Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet software becaus MORE