Globe Valve

Business / Construction / Globe Valve: A valve that lets you adjust the flow of water to any rate between fully on and fully off. Also see gate valve.
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Other Words for Globe

Globe Verb Synonyms: earth, world, planet, Terra
Globe Adjective Synonyms: sphere, ball, orb, globule

Semilunar Valve

Science / Biology / Semilunar Valve: A valve between each ventricle of the heart and the artery connected to that ventricle. MORE

Safety Valve

Entertainment / Football / Safety Valve: A receiver whose job it is to get open for a short pass in case all other receivers are covered. MORE

Relief Valve

Business / Construction / Relief Valve: A device designed to open if it detects excess temperature or pressure. MORE

Sidevalve Engine (SV)

Technology / Motorcycle / Sidevalve Engine (SV): Valves positioned in an engine beside a cylinder instead of in the cylinder head. The design was common in early engine designs, but has since fallen from use. Also known as an L-Head or Flathead engi MORE

Stop Valve

Business / Construction / Stop Valve: A device installed in a water supply line, usually near a fixture, that permits an individual to shut off the water supply to one fixture without interrupting service to the rest of the system. MORE

Zone Valve

Business / Construction / Zone Valve: A device, usually placed near the heater or cooler, which controls the flow of water or steam to parts of the building: it is controlled by a zone thermostat. MORE