Business / Construction / Fuse: A device often found in older homes designed to prevent overloads in electrical lines. This protects against fire. See also 'circuit breakers'.
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Fuse Noun Synonyms: blend, merge, unite, combine, compound, mix, commingle, coalesce, flow or come together, consolidate, amalgamate, melt

Unfused Wire

Technology / Home Audio / Unfused Wire: Any section of wire between the power supply and a load that does not include the protection of a fuse or circuit breaker. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Fuselage: An aircraft's main body structure housing the flight crew, passengers, and cargo and to which the wings, tail and, in most single-engined airplanes, engine are attached. French: fuselé, tapering. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Diffuser: A commercial device like a lens or grillwork that diffuses, or scatters sound MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Diffuse: Widely spread out or scattered; not concentrated. MORE

Diffuse Lighting

Entertainment / Photography / Diffuse Lighting: Lighting that is low or moderate in contrast, such as on an overcast day. MORE

Short Circuit

Business / Construction / Short Circuit: A situation that occurs when hot and neutral wires come in contact with each other. Fuses and circuit breakers protect against fire that could result from a short. MORE