Frost Lid

Business / Construction / Frost Lid: Round metal lid that is installed on a water meter pit.
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Phillips Holiday Nog

Entertainment / Liquor / Phillips Holiday Nog: Egg nog style liqueur. MORE

Omnibus Consolidated And Emergency Appropriations Act 1999

Business / Agriculture / Omnibus Consolidated And Emergency Appropriations Act 1999: P.L. 105-277 (October 21, 1998), among its numerous provisions that include the regular annual appropriations for most USDA programs, provided $5.9 billion in emergency spending for USDA programs to s MORE

Off Glide

Entertainment / Literature / Off Glide: In linguistics, the second-half of a diphthong sound. MORE

Predictive Validity

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Predictive Validity: Used in the test validation process to measure the relationship between test scores and actual job performance. MORE


Health / Disease / Radionuclide: Any radioactive isotope (form) of any element. MORE

Silver Halides

Entertainment / Photography / Silver Halides: Light sensitive crystals used in photographic emulsions, i.e. Silver bromide, silver chloride and silver iodide. The change from white to black metallic silver when exposed to light. MORE