Flue Damper

Business / Construction / Flue Damper: An automatic door located in the flue that closes it off when the burner turns off: purpose is to reduce heat loss up the flue from the still-warm furnace or boiler.
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Entertainment / Music / Fluegelhorn: Valved brass instrument resembling a bugle with a wide bell, used in jazz and commercial music. MORE

Flue-Cured Tobacco

Business / Agriculture / Flue-Cured Tobacco: A type of cigarette tobacco, it and burley tobacco account for more than 90% of U.S. tobacco production. Flue-cured tobacco production is limited by national marketing quotas and acreage allotments, a MORE

Flue Lining

Business / Construction / Flue Lining: 2-foot lengths, fire clay or terra-cotta pipe (round or square) and usually madein all ordinary flue sizes. Used for the inner lining of chimneys with the brick or masonry work done around the outside MORE

Radar Zone Of Influence

Technology / Radar / Radar Zone Of Influence: The area outside the main power beam or outside the beam width. MORE

Significant Influence

Business / Finance / Significant Influence: A good faith loan that is unsecured and requires only the borrower's signature on the loan application. MORE

Undue Influence

Business / Real Estate / Undue Influence: Strong enough persuasion to completely overpower the free will of another and prevent him or her from acting intelligently and voluntarily, as in a case where a broker guilty of blockbusting has induc MORE