Flame Retention Burner

Business / Construction / Flame Retention Burner: An oil burner, designed to hold the flame near the nozzle surface. Generally the most efficient type for residential use.
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Other Words for Flame

Flame Adjective Synonyms: fire, blaze, conflagration
Flame Noun Synonyms: boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, heartthrob, sweetheart, beau


Business / Construction / Retentions: Amounts withheld from progress billings until final and satisfactory project completion. MORE

Retention Ratio

Business / Accounting / Retention Ratio: The proportion of the profits retained in a business after all the expenses (usually including tax and interest) are taken into account. The algorithm is retained profits divided by profits available MORE

Retention Rate

Business / Finance / Retention Rate: The percentage of present earnings held back or retained by a corporation, or one minus the dividend payout rate. Also called the retention ratio. MORE

Retention Bonus

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Retention Bonus: An incentive payment used to entice employees from leaving the organization. Typically employees are asked to sign an agreement stating they will remain employed for a specific duration or until the c MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Riceburner: A Riceburner is a Japanese motorcycle. The term tends to be used by riders of American made motorcycles. MORE

Ringing Ten-Burner

Entertainment / Bowling / Ringing Ten-Burner: An apparently good hit on the pocket that fails to knock the 10-pin down. MORE