Business / Construction / Female: Any part, such as a nut or fitting, into which another (male) part can be inserted. Internal threads are female.
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Female Part

Business / Machine Shop / Female Part: A concave piece of equipment which receives a mating male (convex) part. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Mezzo-Soprano: Female voice of middle range. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Trobairitz: Female troubadours, composer-poets of southern France. MORE


Health / Tai Chi / Yin: Female, slow, yielding, soft, dark, cold, etc… The opposite/complement of Yang. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Jongleuresses: Female jongleurs, or wandering entertainer/minstrels. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anchorite: An eremite or hermit in the medieval period who requests permission from the local pastor to be sealed up in a small cell attached to the side of the church, where the anchorite would live out the res MORE