Elevation Sheet

Business / Construction / Elevation Sheet: The page on the blue prints that depicts the house or room as if a vertical plane were passed through the structure.
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Other Words for Elevation

Elevation Adjective Synonyms: altitude, height
Elevation Noun Synonyms: swelling, lump, wen, eminence, prominence, hill, height, rise

Other Words for Sheet

Sheet Noun Synonyms: area, expanse, stretch, layer, film, coat, coating, covering, blanket, cover, surface, skin, veneer
Sheet Adjective Synonyms: bed-sheet, crib-sheet, fitted sheet, flat sheet, contour sheet

Sheet Film

Entertainment / Photography / Sheet Film: Alternative term for cut film. MORE

Sheet Metal Duct Work

Business / Construction / Sheet Metal Duct Work: The heating system. Usually round or rectangular metal pipes and sheet metal (for Return Air) and installed for distributing warm (or cold) air from the furnace to rooms in the home. MORE

Sheet Metal Work

Business / Construction / Sheet Metal Work: All components of a house employing sheet metal, such as flashing, gutters, and downspouts. MORE

Sheet Erosion

Business / Agriculture / Sheet Erosion: The removal of a thin, relatively uniform layer of soil from the land surface caused by runoff. MORE

Sheathing, Sheeting

Business / Construction / Sheathing, Sheeting: The structural wood panel covering, usually OSB or plywood, used over studs, floor joists or rafters/trusses of a structure. MORE

Roof Sheathing Or Sheeting

Business / Construction / Roof Sheathing Or Sheeting: The wood panels or sheet material fastened to the roof rafters or trusses on which the shingle or other roof covering is laid. MORE