Business / Construction / Eaves: The horizontal exterior roof overhang.
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Red raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus)

Health / Herbs / Red raspberry leaves (Rubus idaeus): A uterine tonic, relaxes the uterus, traditionally believed to lead to an easier childbirth, midwives have found that women who drink raspberry leaf tea regularly during pregnancy have decreased chanc MORE

Xerophytic Leaves

Science / Biology / Xerophytic Leaves: The leaves of plants that grow under arid conditions with low levels of soil and water. Usually characterized by water-conserving features such as thick cuticle and sunken stomatal pits. MORE

Mesophytic Leaves

Science / Biology / Mesophytic Leaves: The leaves of plants that grow under moderately humid conditions with abundant soil and water. MORE


Science / Biology / Leaves: The site of photosynthesis; one of the three major organs in plants. MORE

Hydrophytic Leaves

Science / Biology / Hydrophytic Leaves: The leaves of plants that grow in water or under conditions of abundant moisture. MORE

Agony Of The Leaves

Life Style / Tea / Agony Of The Leaves : expression describing the unfurling of rolled or twisted leaves during steeping MORE