Business / Construction / Drywall: (or Gypsum Wallboard (GWB), Sheet rock or Plasterboard) A manufactured panel made out of gypsum plaster and encased in a thin cardboard. Usually 1/2' thick and 4' x 8' or 4' x 12' in size. The panels are nailed or screwed onto the framing and the joints are taped and covered with a 'joint compound'. 'Green board' type drywall has a greater resistance to moisture than regular (white) plasterboard and is used in bathrooms and other 'wet areas'.
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Construction Drywall

Business / Construction / Construction Drywall: A type of construction in which the interior wall finish is applied in a dry condition, generally in the form of sheet materials or wood paneling as contrasted to plaster. MORE

Wrapped Drywall

Business / Construction / Wrapped Drywall: Areas that get complete drywall covering, as in the doorway openings of bifold and bipass closet doors. MORE

Bull Nose (Drywall)

Business / Construction / Bull Nose (Drywall): Rounded drywall corners. MORE