Business / Construction / Draw: The amount of progress billings on a contract that is currently available to a contractor under a contract with a fixed payment schedule.
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Draw Verb Synonyms: pull or take out, extract, unsheathe, unholster
Draw Noun Synonyms: pull, tug, tow, drag, haul, lug

Negotiable-Order-Of-Withdrawal Account

Business / Taxes / Negotiable-Order-Of-Withdrawal Account: A negotiable-order-of-withdrawal (NOW) account is an interest-bearing checking account that pays interest on the balance, usually at a rate comparable to a money market account. You may be required to MORE

Photogenic Drawing

Entertainment / Photography / Photogenic Drawing: Original name given by william fox talbot to his earliest method of recording camera images. MORE

Negotiable Order Of Withdrawal (NOW)

Business / Finance / Negotiable Order Of Withdrawal (NOW): Demand deposits that pay interest. MORE

Administrative Class Withdrawals

Life Style / College / Administrative Class Withdrawals: Instructors may administratively withdraw students with a grade of 'WA' when the student has missed more than 10 percent of the contact hours in a given course. If an instructor chooses to administrat MORE

Early Withdrawal Penalty

Business / Finance / Early Withdrawal Penalty: A broker's commission from his or her involvement on both the purchase and the sale side of a security. MORE

Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

Business / Finance / Special Drawing Rights (SDR): Also referred to as an extra dividend. Dividend that is unlikely to be repeated. MORE