Door Operator

Business / Construction / Door Operator: An automatic garage door opener.
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Other Words for Operator

Operator Noun Synonyms: (bus or taxi or train) driver, worker, operative, manipulator, practitioner

Indoor Air

Business / Real Estate / Indoor Air: Breathing air inside a habitable structure, often highly polluted because of lack of exchange with fresh oxygen from outdoors. Solvents, smoke, paints, furniture glues, carpet padding, and other synth MORE

Land Operator

Life Style / Travel / Land Operator: A company or individual providing such services as hotel accommodations, sightseeing, transfers and other related services, exclusive of transportation to and from a given destination. Sometimes calle MORE

Multiple Service Operator (MSO)

Technology / Computers / Multiple Service Operator (MSO): A cable TV service provider that also provides other services such as data and/or voice telephony. MORE

Fixed Base Operator (FBO)

Technology / Aviation / Fixed Base Operator (FBO): An airport-based business that parks, services, fuels, and may repair aircraft: often rents aircraft and provides flight training. The term was coined to differentiate FBOs from businesses or individu MORE

Farm Operator

Business / Agriculture / Farm Operator: A person who operates a farm, either by doing or supervising the work or by making the day-to-day management decisions. Nationally, farm operators own about 57% of their land and lease or rent the rem MORE

Doorway Domain

Business / Internet Marketing / Doorway Domain: A domain used specifically to rank well in search engines for particular keywords, serving as an entry point through which visitors pass to the main domain. MORE