Business / Construction / Daylight: The end of a pipe (the terminal end) that is not attached to anything.
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Daylight Verb Synonyms: sunlight, sun, sunshine, light
Daylight Noun Synonyms: open, broad daylight, light of day, full view, full knowledge, clarity

Daylight Tank

Entertainment / Photography / Daylight Tank: Light tight container for film processing. MORE

Daylight Saving Time

Science / Astrology / Daylight Saving Time: The practice of advaning the clock one hour in the spring of the year. Significant in the erection of natal charts as it requires that one hour be subjected from the standard time when daylight saving MORE

Daylight Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Daylight Enlarger: Early type of enlarger using light from a hole in a window to provide illumination of the negative. MORE

Artificial Daylight

Entertainment / Photography / Artificial Daylight: Artificial light having a similar color temperature to daylight. MORE

Daylight Color Film

Entertainment / Photography / Daylight Color Film: Color film intended for use with daylight or a light source of similar temperature. The film is color balanced to 5400 k. MORE

Gelatin Sugar Process

Entertainment / Photography / Gelatin Sugar Process: Daylight printing process using paper with a sugar and dichromate coating, which hardens on exposure to light. MORE