Cross Tee

Business / Construction / Cross Tee: Short metal 'T' beam used in suspended ceiling systems to bridge the spaces between the main beams.
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Other Words for Cross

Cross Adjective Synonyms: crucifix, rood
Cross Verb Synonyms: meet, intersect, join
Cross Noun Synonyms: hybrid, cross-breed, mongrel, blend, combination


Business / Real Estate / Legatee: A person who receives money or personal property under a will. MORE

Local-State Governmental Advisory Committee (LSGAC)

Technology / Cell Phones / Local-State Governmental Advisory Committee (LSGAC): An FCC-established group that is working on an antenna-siting solution. The LSGAC will advise carriers and communities on antenna siting. MORE

Lowest Fare Guarantee

Life Style / Travel / Lowest Fare Guarantee: Travel agency’s promise to provide clients the lowest fare available when reservation is confirmed. MORE

Market Performance Committee (MPC)

Business / Finance / Market Performance Committee (MPC): A group of NYSE market oversight specialists who monitor specialists' efficiency in maintaining fair prices and orderly markets. MORE

Joint-Labor Management Committee

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Joint-Labor Management Committee: A panel comprised of management and union representatives whose purpose is to address problems, resolve conflicts and build on relationships. MORE

Investment Strategy Committee

Business / Finance / Investment Strategy Committee: A committee within a brokerage firm that conducts research and makes recommendations on the firm's stated investment strategy. MORE