Business / Construction / Course: A row of shingles or roll roofing running the length of the roof. Parallel layers of building materials such as bricks, or siding laid up horizontally.
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Course Adjective Synonyms: path, way, orbit, route, run, track, ambit, line, circuit, passage
Course Noun Synonyms: movement, progress, headway, advance, progression, speed

Co-requisite Courses

Life Style / College / Co-requisite Courses: Courses that are taken during the same semester. Most co-requisites are recommended; however, some may be required. MORE

Full Course

Life Style / College / Full Course: A course taken over two semesters as opposed to a Half Course (course taken over one semester). MORE

Half Course

Life Style / College / Half Course: A course spanning over one semester as opposed to a Full Course (course taken over two semesters). MORE

Transferable Courses

Life Style / College / Transferable Courses: If a course is marked in the course listing with an asterisk (*), the course appears on the Commission of Higher Education's Statewide Articulation List of Universally Transferable Courses from all te MORE

Compass Course

Technology / Aviation / Compass Course: A bearing as indicated by the horizontal angle between the compass needle and the centerline of the aircraft. A Compass Course is equal to a True Course ± variation and deviation: also equal to a Mag MORE

Public Golf Course

Entertainment / Golf / Public Golf Course: A golf course that is accessible for play to the general public MORE