Counter Flashing

Business / Construction / Counter Flashing: A metal flashing usually used on chimneys at the roofline to cover shingle flashing and used to prevent moisture entry.
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Other Words for Counter

Counter Verb Synonyms: token, disc, chip, piece, marker
Counter Noun Synonyms: table, bar


Technology / Motorcycle / Countersteer: A motorcycle turns left/right by slightly pushing the left/right handlebar. Push left, go left. Push right, go right. This is called countersteering. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Countersubject: In a figure, a secondary theme heard against the subject: a countertheme. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Countertrade: A trade transaction of goods and services without the exchange of money. Forms of countertrade include barter, buy-back or compensation, counter-purchase, offset requirements, swap, or triangular trad MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Countertransference: The therapists emotional reactions to the patient that are based on the therapists unconscious needs and conflicts, as distinguished from his or her conscious responses to the patients behavior. Count MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Countersink: To enlarge the top part of a hole at an angle for a flat-head screw. Also, the tool that is used. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Countershading: Condition of organisms in the water column that are dark-colored on top but light-colored on the bottom MORE