Corner Boards

Business / Construction / Corner Boards: Used as trim for the external corners of a house or other frame structure against which the ends of the siding are finished.
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Hot Corner

Entertainment / Baseball / Hot Corner: Third base. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Endboards: A section of the boards at an end of the rink. MORE

Down The Boards

Entertainment / Bowling / Down The Boards: Refers to a line that is more direct and parallel to the boards; opposite of bellying the ball. MORE

Inside Corner

Business / Construction / Inside Corner: The point at which two walls form an internal angle, as in the corner of a room. MORE

Outside Corner

Business / Construction / Outside Corner: The point at which two walls form an external angle, one you usually can walk around. MORE

Up The Boards

Entertainment / Bowling / Up The Boards: A strike line that is straighter into the ball track with little belly. MORE