Construction Drywall

Business / Construction / Construction Drywall: A type of construction in which the interior wall finish is applied in a dry condition, generally in the form of sheet materials or wood paneling as contrasted to plaster.
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Random-Conical Reconstruction

Science / Spiders / Random-Conical Reconstruction: a method of data collection and reconstruction used for single particles, typically used initially in a project, to obtain a first low-resolution reconstruction of the macromolecule [Radermacher et al MORE

Memorial Reconstruction

Entertainment / Literature / Memorial Reconstruction: Renaissance actors reconstructing the text of a play from their own (sometimes faulty) memory. Acting companies often lost or gained members rapidly. It is possible that some actors formerly working w MORE

International Bank For Reconstruction And Development (IBRD)

Business / Finance / International Bank For Reconstruction And Development (IBRD): IBRD or World Bank makes loans at nearly conventional terms to countries for projects of high economic priority. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Reconstruction: A hypothetical earlier form of a word that probably existed, but for which no direct evidence is available. Linguists normally mark reconstructions by placing an asterisk in front of them. This marks MORE

Reflexive Construction

Entertainment / Literature / Reflexive Construction: A verb combined with a reflexive pronoun functioning as the direct object. For instance, in Spanish, Yo me llavo (I wash myself'). In English, this often creates a redundant phrase, such as 'I repent MORE

Wrapped Drywall

Business / Construction / Wrapped Drywall: Areas that get complete drywall covering, as in the doorway openings of bifold and bipass closet doors. MORE