Business / Construction / Column: A vertical structural compression member which supports loads.
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Column Chromatography

Science / Chemistry / Column Chromatography: Column chromatography is a method for separating mixtures. A solution containing the mixture is passed through a narrow tube packed with a stationary phase. Different substances in the mixture have di MORE

Cable Pulley Column

Health / Fitness / Cable Pulley Column: A common form of exercise equipment found at the gym or home. This is a system where a bar or handle is attached to the end of a cable or belt that runs through a pully system and inturn lefts a serie MORE

Three Column Cash Book

Business / Accounting / Three Column Cash Book: A journal which deals with the day to day cash and bank transactions of a business. The side of a transaction which relates directly to the cash or bank account is usually balanced within the journal MORE


Science / Biology / Palisade: Layer of mesophyll cells in leaves that are closely placed together under the epidermal layer of the leaf. Palisade parenchyma: Columnar cells located just below the upper epidermis in leaves the cell MORE