Collar Beam

Business / Construction / Collar Beam: Nominal 1 or 2-inch-thick members connecting opposite roof rafters. They serve to stiffen the roof structure.
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Other Words for Beam

Beam Noun Synonyms: timber, scantling, girder, rafter, bar, brace, plank, board, stud, trestle
Beam Verb Synonyms: radiate, shine, smile radiantly


Business / Construction / Post-And-Beam: A basic building method that uses just a few hefty posts and beams to support an entire structure. Contrasts with stud framing. MORE

On The Beam

Technology / Aviation / On The Beam: A leftover phrase from ADCOCK Radio Range days still means the same thing today—'You are headed in the right direction,' as when you you hear a steady broadcast tone beamed from your target radio tr MORE

Microprism Collar

Entertainment / Photography / Microprism Collar: Is a grid type ring found in the center of a camera focusing screen, usually surrounding a split image screen. MORE

Jim Beam

Entertainment / Liquor / Jim Beam: Jim Beam is a brand of bourbon whiskey, distilled in Clermont, Kentucky MORE

Spot Beam

Technology / Television (TV) / Spot Beam: A spot beam is a satellite transmission that is focused on a specific area within the footprint, or broadcast area, of the satellite. Both DISH Network and directv use spot beams to increase the capa MORE

Tail Beam

Business / Construction / Tail Beam: A relatively short beam or joist supported in a wall on one end and by a header at the other. MORE