Business / Construction / Cement: The gray powder that is the 'glue' in concrete. Portland cement. Also, any adhesive.
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Cement Noun Synonyms: mortar, bond, glue, gum, paste, solder, adhesive
Cement Verb Synonyms: stick, glue, paste, solder, weld, braze, bond, join, bind, combine, unite, cohere, hold, cling, adhere

Portland Cement

Business / Construction / Portland Cement: Cement made by heating clay and crushed limestone into a brick and then grinding to a pulverized powder state. MORE

Joint Cement

Life Style / Painting / Joint Cement: Cement used for drywall construction; also used as a bedding compound for joint tape and as a filler for nail holes. MORE

Placement Test

Life Style / College / Placement Test: A test used to determine a student's level in a particular skill area. MORE

Placement Ratio

Business / Finance / Placement Ratio: The percentages of last week's new municipal bond offerings that have been bought from the underwriters, according to the Bond Buyer newspaper. MORE

Placement Testing

Life Style / College / Placement Testing: Placement tests ensure that you get started in the right classes for your academic background and your program. Taking a class for which you are not prepared could prevent you from successfully moving MORE

Positive Reinforcement

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Positive Reinforcement: The process of acknowledging specific behaviors with positive feedback, such as a smile, praise or reward. MORE