By Pass Doors

Business / Construction / By Pass Doors: Doors that slide by each other and commonly used as closet doors.
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Other Words for By

By Adverb Synonyms: past, nearby
By Preposition Synonyms: near, beside, next to, close to, alongside

Other Words for Pass

Pass Verb Synonyms: evacuate, void, eliminate, excrete, defecate, urinate
Pass Noun Synonyms: free pass, complimentary ticket, twofer, Annie Oakley
Pass Adjective Synonyms: proceed, move (onwards), go (ahead), progress, extend, lie, run, flow, fly, roll, course, stream, drift, sweep


Entertainment / Ballet / Passe: As a position passe means when a foot is placed near or on the other knee. As a movement passe refers to the working foot passing close to the knee of the standing leg. When the foot arrives by the kn MORE

Passage Contract

Life Style / Travel / Passage Contract: Detailed terms of responsibility and accountability found in the cruise ticket. MORE

Passed Ball

Entertainment / Baseball / Passed Ball: A pitch that is not wild which is missed or dropped by the catcher allowing the runner to advance. MORE

Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc)

Life Style / Travel / Passenger Facility Charge (Pfc): An airport tax that is authorized by the us congress for upgrading and expanding local airport facilities charged per customer. Currently the tax must be between $3 and $12 on any single transaction. MORE

Passenger name record (PNR)

Life Style / Travel / Passenger name record (PNR) : The official name of one's reservation in a computer reservation system (crs). MORE


Entertainment / Music / Passacaglia: Baroque form (similar to the chaconne) in moderately slow triple meter, based on a short, repeated base-line melody that serves as the basis for continuous variation in the other voices. MORE