Butt Hinge

Business / Construction / Butt Hinge: The most common type. One leaf attaches to the door's edge, the other to its jamb.
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Other Words for Butt

Butt Verb Synonyms: abut, join, meet
Butt Noun Synonyms: target, end, object, prey, victim, dupe, gull, pigeon, sucker, Aunt Sally, patsy

Button Ad

Business / Internet Marketing / Button Ad: A graphical advertising unit, smaller than a banner ad. MORE

Buttocks Muscles

Health / Fitness / Buttocks Muscles: A muscle located in the rear pelvic area of a body. The main use of these muscles is to move the upper portion of the leg toward the rear of the body. MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Buttery: A relatively high level of oily material suspended in the coffee beverage. The result of substantial amounts of fat present in the beans. Most often a characteristic of high coffee-to-water ratio brew MORE

Butterworth Crossover

Technology / Home Audio / Butterworth Crossover: A type of crossover circuit utilizing low-pass filter design characterized by having a maximally flat magnitude response, i.e., no variation in the amplitude response in the domain of the passband. MORE

Button Exchange

Business / Internet Marketing / Button Exchange: Network where participating sites display button ads in exchange for credits which are converted (using a predetermined exchange rate) into ads to be displayed on other sites. MORE

Button mashing

Entertainment / Video Games / Button mashing: This is the act of randomly hitting buttons on a game controller without knowing the correct actions to make. The term is most commonly associated with fighting games that require precise button combi MORE