Business / Construction / Buck: Often used in reference to rough frame opening members. Door bucks used in reference to metal door frame. See Window Bucks
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Foot In The Bucket

Entertainment / Baseball / Foot In The Bucket: When a batter steps away from home plate on his forward swing, ususally in response to the fear of getting hit in the head, he is said to be swinging with his ‘foot in the bucket.’ MORE


Science / Astrology / Bucket: The planetary arrangement formed by nine planets occupying approximately one-half of a horoscope with one planet roughly opposing the group that is a focal point of action (bucket handle) for planetar MORE

Window Buck

Business / Construction / Window Buck: Square or rectangular box that is installed within a concrete foundation or block wall. A window will eventually be installed in this 'buck' during the siding stage of construction MORE

Dinner Bucket

Entertainment / Bowling / Dinner Bucket: Same as bucket. MORE

Three Quarter Bucket

Entertainment / Bowling / Three Quarter Bucket: Three of the four pins of the bucket split. MORE


Entertainment / Liquor / Bucks: Drink made with an ounce or so of liquor and lemon juice plus ginger ale, and topped with a twist of lemon. MORE