Brick Mold

Business / Construction / Brick Mold: Trim used around an exterior door jamb that siding butts to.
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Other Words for Brick

Brick Noun Synonyms: block, cube, chunk, hunk, slab, stone

Flat Mold

Business / Construction / Flat Mold: Thin wood strips installed over the butt seam of cabinet skins. MORE

Fire Brick

Business / Construction / Fire Brick: Brick made of refractory ceramic material which will resist high temperatures. Used in a fireplace and boiler. MORE

Facing Brick

Business / Construction / Facing Brick: The brick used and exposed on the outside of a wall. Usually these have a finished texture. MORE


Science / Biology / Mold: Type of fossil preservation where the original material of the fossil has decayed but has left an impression in the surrounding sediments. Molds are often filled with a different material, producing s MORE


Business / Construction / Molding: A wood strip having an engraved, decorative surface. MORE

Slime Molds

Science / Biology / Slime Molds: Protistans that may represent a transition between protistans and fungi. MORE