Business / Construction / Brace: An inclined piece of framing lumber applied to wall or floor to strengthen the structure. Often used on walls as temporary bracing until framing has been completed.
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Brace Noun Synonyms: bracket, stiffener, reinforcement, reinforcer, support, buttress, prop, stay, strut, truss
Brace Verb Synonyms: steady, reinforce, support, strengthen, prop or shore up

Sway Brace

Business / Construction / Sway Brace: Metal straps or wood blocks installed diagonally on the inside of a wall from bottom to top plate, to prevent the wall from twisting, racking, or falling over 'domino' fashion. MORE

Let-In Brace

Business / Construction / Let-In Brace: Nominal 1 inch-thick boards applied into notched studs diagonally. Also, an 'L' shaped, long (@ 10') metal strap that are installed by the framer at the rough stage to give support to an exterior wall MORE

Cut-In Brace

Business / Construction / Cut-In Brace: Nominal 2-inch-thick members, usually 2 by 4's, cut in between each stud diagonally. MORE

Corner Braces

Business / Construction / Corner Braces: Diagonal braces at the corners of the framed structure designed to stiffen and strengthen the wall. MORE