Anchor Bolts

Business / Construction / Anchor Bolts: Bolts to secure a wooden sill plate to concrete , or masonry floor or wall.
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Other Words for Anchor

Anchor Verb Synonyms: attach, affix, secure, moor, fix, fasten, pin, rivet, glue
Anchor Noun Synonyms: mooring


Entertainment / Literature / Anchorite: An eremite or hermit in the medieval period who requests permission from the local pastor to be sealed up in a small cell attached to the side of the church, where the anchorite would live out the res MORE

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS): An appraisal that requires raters to list important dimensions of a particular job and collect information regarding the critical behaviors that distinguish between successful and unsuccessful perform MORE

Penetration Anchor

Science / Marine Biology / Penetration Anchor: In hydraulically burrowing organisms, any device used to penetrate and gain an initial purchase on the sediment so that the body can be thrust in farther MORE

Terminal Anchor

Science / Marine Biology / Terminal Anchor: In hydraulically burrowing organisms: any device used to anchor the leading portion of the burrower, permitting muscular contraction to drag the rest of the body into the sediment MORE


Life Style / Painting / Anchoring: Mechanical bonding of a coating to a rough surface as contrasted with adhesion, which is chemical bonding. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anchorhold: In medieval times, an enclosure in the wall of a church where an anchorite or anchoress would be sealed up alive as a gesture of faith. MORE