Business / Construction / Aggregate: A mixture of sand and stone and a major component of concrete.
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Science / Biology / Aggregates: Fairly random associations of animals with little or no internal organization; form in response to a single stimulus and disperse when the stimulus is removed; one of the three broad classes of social MORE

Exposed Aggregate Finish

Business / Construction / Exposed Aggregate Finish: A method of finishing concrete which washes the cement/sand mixture off the top layer of the aggregate - usually gravel. Often used in driveways, patios and other exterior surfaces. MORE

Aggregate Exercise Price

Business / Finance / Aggregate Exercise Price: The exercise price multiplied by the number of shares in a put or call contract. The option premium is excluded in the aggregate exercise price. In tje case of options traded on debt instruments, the MORE

Aggregated Spatial Distribution

Science / Marine Biology / Aggregated Spatial Distribution: A case where individuals in a space occur in clusters too dense to be explained by chance MORE

Aggregate Stop-Loss Coverage

Health / Health Insurance / Aggregate Stop-Loss Coverage: A type of stop-loss insurance that provides benefits when a group's total claims during a specified period exceed a stated amount. MORE

Aggregate Measure Of Support (AMS)

Business / Agriculture / Aggregate Measure Of Support (AMS): An indicator of the amount of domestic support for agriculture. As used in the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture, the AMS refers to a measure of the gap between domestic and world prices multipli MORE