Waste Treatment Pond

Business / Agriculture / Waste Treatment Pond: A shallow lagoon or similar storage facility, often man-made, used to treat liquid agricultural wastes, particularly liquid manure from livestock production farms, through the interaction of sunlight, wind, algae, and oxygen. Through natural biological processes, microscopic organisms consume wastes present in the water.
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Other Words for Treatment

Treatment Verb Synonyms: therapy, care, curing, remedying, healing

Other Words for Waste

Waste Verb Synonyms: wasting, extravagance, prodigality, wastefulness, squandering, indulgence, lavishness, profligacy, dissoluteness, improvidence, overindulgence
Waste Adjective Synonyms: squander, misuse, throw away, fritter away, misspend, splurge, dissipate, blow
Waste Noun Synonyms: assassinate, murder, kill, put away, rub out, ice


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Residential Treatment

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