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Entertainment / Literature / Mezozeugma: An alternative spelling of mesozeugma. See discussion under zeugma. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Naturalism: A literary movement seeking to depict life as accurately as possible, without artificial distortions of emotion, idealism, and literary convention. The school of thought is a product of post-Darwinian MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metathesis: The transposition of two sounds in speech or spelling. This tendency often catches students of Middle English off guard, since they might encounter the spelling brid for bird or hwale for whale. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Metapoetry: Poetry about poetry, especially self-conscious poems that pun on objects or items associated with writing or creating poetry. Among the Romantic and Enlightenment poets, we find puns on leaves (referr MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Märchen: A technical German word used in folklore scholarship to refer to fairy tales. See discussion under fairy tale. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Marginalia: Drawings, notation, illumination, and doodles appearing in the margins of a medieval text, rather than the central text itself. MORE