Utilization Rates

Business / Agriculture / Utilization Rates: The percentage of milk in federal milk marketing orders that is used in each of the classes: Class III and iiia, cheese, butter, and nonfat dry milk: Class II, all other manufactured products: Class I, milk used for fluid consumption.
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Business / Human Resources (HR) / Underutilization: As part of the affirmative action process, this report is used to determine whether certain members of protected groups are being inadequately represented within the workforce. The report uses informa MORE

Spot Exchange Rates

Business / Finance / Spot Exchange Rates: A commodity that is traded with the expectation of actual delivery, as opposed to a commodity future that is usually not delivered. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Separates: A typical separates system includes a separate woofer, tweeter, and external Crossover, all of which are designed to work smoothly with one another. Generally, these components are made of better mate MORE

Real Exchange Rates

Business / Finance / Real Exchange Rates: Exchange rates that have been adjusted for the inflation differential between two countries. MORE

Utilization Management

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Utilization Management: Review and analysis of health care programs to determine cost control methods. Involves reviewing claims for potential utilization problems. MORE

Utilization Management (UM)

Health / Health Insurance / Utilization Management (UM): Managing the use of medical services to ensure that a patient receives necessary, appropriate, high-quality care in a cost-effective manner. MORE