User Fees

Business / Agriculture / User Fees: Any of various charges and assessments levied on a specifically delineated group that is directly subject to a particular government service, program, or activity: such fees are not levied on the general public. User fees are intended to be used solely to support that service, program, or activity. For example, about 75% of the $225 million budget of the Agricultural Marketing Service, which provides a variety of inspection and grading, market news reporting, and other services to the agricultural community, comes from user fees: the other 25% is appropriated funds. Similarly, grain inspection is paid for through user fees.
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Other Words for User

User Adjective Synonyms: consumer, buyer, purchaser, owner, operator
User Noun Synonyms: alcohol or drug or narcotic addict

Slotting Fees

Business / Agriculture / Slotting Fees: Paid by manufacturers to purchase shelf space in retail stores: such fees are a controversial issue in the food sector. Critics regard slotting fees as unearned store discounts (or even 'kickbacks' to MORE

Title Insurance Fees

Business / Real Estate / Title Insurance Fees: The costs involved in purchasing title insurance. May include title insurance policy and search fees. MORE

Service Fees

Life Style / Travel / Service Fees: These fees are non-refundable and usually are included with any ticket purchase and sometimes appear as separate charges on your credit card statement. MORE