Trade Policy Committee

Business / Agriculture / Trade Policy Committee: The TPC is the senior U.S. Government interagency trade committee established to provide broad guidance on trade issues. It is chaired by the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and is comprised of other cabinet officers, including the Secretary of Agriculture. The Trade Policy Review Group (TPRG) which reports to the TPC is chaired by the Deputy USTR and is comprised of sub-cabinet representatives, including the Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm Services and Foreign Agriculture. The Trade Policy Staff Committee, the level at which position papers are initiated, is chaired by a Deputy Assistant USTR and has representation from other cabinet departments including USDA.
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Committee Verb Synonyms: council, board, cabinet, panel, body, commission

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Policy Verb Synonyms: approach, procedure, (game) plan, design, scheme, programme, method, system, management, conduct, behavior, strategy, tactic(s), principle(s), protocol, regulation, rule, custom, way, practice, ways and means, action

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Trade Noun Synonyms: exchange, swap or swop, interchange, switch, barter, return
Trade Adjective Synonyms: commerce, business, traffic, exchange, barter, dealing(s), buying and selling, merchandising, marketing, mercantilism, truck

Program Trades

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Public Policy

Science / Genetics / Public Policy: A set of action guidelines or rules that result from the actions or lack of actions of governmental entities. MORE

Publicly Traded Assets

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