Business / Agriculture / Threshold: The lowest non-zero dose of a chemical at which a specified measurable effect occurs. Sometimes used to refer to the income level above which an applicant for food stamp benefits would be ineligible.
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Threshold Verb Synonyms: sill, door-sill, doorstep, doorway, entrance

Threshold Notification

Business / Real Estate / Threshold Notification: Notification by brokers that they have met the threshold requirements for filing status and fiscal year reports on trust fund activities. MORE

Anaerobic Threshold

Health / Fitness / Anaerobic Threshold: The point at which your body switches from using oxygen as its primary source of energy to using stored sugar. When you’re in poor physical shape, you hit your anaerobic threshold while exercising a MORE

Poverty Thresholds

Business / Agriculture / Poverty Thresholds: For statistical purposes (e.g., counting the poor population), the Census Bureau uses a set of annual income levels - the poverty thresholds - slightly different than the federal poverty guidelines. A MORE

Payment Threshold

Business / Internet Marketing / Payment Threshold: The minimum accumulated commission an affiliate must earn to trigger payment from an affiliate program. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Paratext: In Gérard Genette's work, Paratext: Thresholds of Interpretation, Genette introduces the idea of 'paratext,' i.e., anything external to the text itself that influences the way we read a text. These MORE