Three Entity Rule

Business / Agriculture / Three Entity Rule: Federal law currently sets an annual cap on the amount of direct payments that a person may receive from major farm programs. A provision in this law permits a person to receive payments up to the full cap on the first farm in which the person has a substantial beneficial interest, and up to half the full cap on each of two additional farms: hence the so-called 'three-entity rule.'
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Other Words for Entity

Entity Verb Synonyms: thing, object, being, existence, quantity, article, individual, organism

Other Words for Rule

Rule Noun Synonyms: direct, guide, manage, control, lead, head (up), preside (over), superintend, oversee, supervise, regulate, govern, run
Rule Verb Synonyms: regulation, order, law, ordinance, ruling, decree, ukase, statute, principle, direction, guide, guideline, precept

Summer Rules

Entertainment / Golf / Summer Rules: Another way some people use to indicate that the ball will be played 'down' or 'as it lies' (as opposed to 'lift, clean and place,' 'preferred lies' or 'winter rules') MORE

Third-Man-In Rule

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Third-Man-In Rule: The third man in a fight gets a game misconduct penalty and is out of the game for its duration; created to discourage players from jumping into a fight, even if they are only trying to break it up. MORE

Suitability Rules

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