Threatened Species

Business / Agriculture / Threatened Species: Species listed by regulation under ESA, and are generally given a lower level of protection than endangered species.
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Species Richness

Science / Biology / Species Richness: The number of species present in a community. MORE

Species Packing

Science / Biology / Species Packing: The phenomenon in which present-day communities generally contain more species than earlier communities because organisms have evolved more adaptations over time. MORE

Species Of Constituent

Science / Tides and Currents / Species Of Constituent: A classification depending upon the period of a constituent. The principal species are semidiurnal, diurnal, and long-period. MORE

Species Diversity

Science / Biology / Species Diversity: The number of living species on Earth. MORE

Species-Area Effect

Science / Marine Biology / Species-Area Effect: A regular logarithmic relationship between the number of species in a confined geographic area (e.g., an island) and the area in which the species occur MORE


Science / Biology / Subspecies: A taxonomic subdivision of a species; a population of a particular region genetically distinguishable from other such populations and capable of interbreeding with them. MORE