Business / Agriculture / Staple: A commodity that is widely and regularly produced and consumed (i.e., wheat, rice, potatoes). A term used to designated the length of fiber in cotton and wool.
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Staple Adjective Synonyms: standard,ual, habitual, ordinary, customary, prevailing, normal, conventional, universal
Staple Noun Synonyms: basic, elementary, essential, necessary, requisite, required, vital, indispensable, critical, fundamental, primary, principal, main, chief

Manaibular Staple (Bone Plate)

Health / Dentistry / Manaibular Staple (Bone Plate): A form of a trans-osseous implant in which a plate is placed partially into the inferior border, and a series of retentive pins are placed partially into the inferior border with two continuous screws MORE

Extra-Long Staple Cotton Act Of 1983

Business / Agriculture / Extra-Long Staple Cotton Act Of 1983: P.L. 98-88 (August 26, 1983) eliminated marketing quotas and allotments for extra-long staple cotton and tied its support to upland cotton through a formula that set the nonrecourse loan rate at not l MORE

Extra-Long Staple (ELS) Cotton

Business / Agriculture / Extra-Long Staple (ELS) Cotton: Also called American Pima, this cotton has a staple length of 1-3/8' or more, is characterized by fineness and high fiber strength, and is used in high-value products such as sewing thread and expensi MORE