Solid Waste

Business / Agriculture / Solid Waste: Non-liquid, non-soluble materials ranging from municipal garbage to industrial wastes that contain complex and sometimes hazardous substances. Solid wastes also include sewage sludge, agricultural refuse, demolition wastes, and mining residues. Technically, solid waste also refers to liquids and gases in containers. The disposal of solid waste is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.
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Other Words for Solid

Solid Adjective Synonyms: filled (in or up), packed, jammed, crowded, teeming, congested, crammed, swarming, compressed, concentrated, chock-a-block, jam-packed, chock-full
Solid Noun Synonyms: three-dimensional, cubic

Other Words for Waste

Waste Noun Synonyms: assassinate, murder, kill, put away, rub out, ice
Waste Adjective Synonyms: squander, misuse, throw away, fritter away, misspend, splurge, dissipate, blow
Waste Verb Synonyms: wasting, extravagance, prodigality, wastefulness, squandering, indulgence, lavishness, profligacy, dissoluteness, improvidence, overindulgence


Entertainment / Bowling / Solid: (1) a ball surface that is one color, no pearl effect; (2) the act of hitting the pocket with authority. MORE

Solid (X) Pin

Entertainment / Bowling / Solid (X) Pin: Describes leaving a pin an an apparent solid shot; I left a solid 10. MORE

Solid Bridging

Business / Construction / Solid Bridging: A solid member placed between adjacent floor joists near the center of the span to prevent joists or rafters from twisting. MORE