Soil Solarization

Business / Agriculture / Soil Solarization: Fumigating and warming soil by covering it with black plastic. This is an alternative pest control technique being investigated as an alternative to the use of methyl bromide (a chemical fumigant used in Florida tomato production and for other speciality crops, which will be phased out of use because of its ozone depleting effects).
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Other Words for Soil

Soil Verb Synonyms: dirty, stain, begrime, muddy, smear, spot
Soil Adjective Synonyms: earth, loam, dirt, ground, turf, humus, clay

Soil Series

Business / Agriculture / Soil Series: A group of soils having horizons (or layers) similar in characteristics and arrangement in the soil profile, except for the texture of the surface portion. They are given proper names from place names MORE

Soil Quality (Health)

Business / Agriculture / Soil Quality (Health): Soil quality includes consideration of measures related to both productivity for crops and environmental factors. MORE

Soil Pipe

Business / Construction / Soil Pipe: A large pipe that carries liquid and solid wastes to a sewer or septic tank. MORE