Slotting Fees

Business / Agriculture / Slotting Fees: Paid by manufacturers to purchase shelf space in retail stores: such fees are a controversial issue in the food sector. Critics regard slotting fees as unearned store discounts (or even 'kickbacks' to stores) that give a competitive edge to larger manufacturers who can afford them, while depriving consumers of variety, new product innovations, and possibly more competitive retail pricing. Supporters of the fees contend that they enable stores to make room for the thousands of new product introductions annually: otherwise, grocers would have to shoulder the risk of stocking items that might not sell.
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Service Fees

Life Style / Travel / Service Fees: These fees are non-refundable and usually are included with any ticket purchase and sometimes appear as separate charges on your credit card statement. MORE

Recording Fees

Business / Loan / Recording Fees: Fees charged by the local government to record loan documents (for example, the mortgage). These fees will be charged to the borrower and shown on the Settlement Statement (HUD-1). MORE

Reasonable And Customary Fees

Health / Health Insurance / Reasonable And Customary Fees: The average fee charged by a particular type of health care practitioner within a geographic area. The term is often used by medical plans as the amount of money they will approve for a specific test MORE